Tour Dates

3/28 Amer and Mira at Columbia, New York City
3/29 Amer and Mira at CUNY, New York City
3/29 Amer and Mira at U-Penn, Philadelphia
3/30 Amer and Mira at U-Mass, Boston
3/31 Amer and Mira at Brandeis, Boston
4/1 Amer and Mira in Ithaca, NY
4/3 Amer and Mira in Washington, DC
4/4 Amer and Mira at American University, DC
4/6-7 Mira in Chicago
4/7 Mira at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
4/9 Mira at Macalester College, St. Paul
4/10-11 Hanna and Mira at Seattle and Olympia
4/13-14 Hanna and Mira at UC-Berkeley and City College of San Francisco
4/17 Hanna and Mira at UT-Austin
4/20-21 Hanna and Mira at Albuquerque
4/21-22 Hanna and Mira at Arizona State University and University of Arizona
4/25 Hanna and Mira at UC-San Diego
4/27 Hanna and Mira at UCLA

Stay tuned for details and for additional engagements. Email antonia AT for more information.

More info about the Right to Education Tour here.

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