About The Tour

We Divest! Every day more and more people are joining JVP’s call, asking financial retirement giant TIAA-CREF to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation. Student groups in many campuses across the US have been pushing for divestment from these companies. Increasingly, professors and other campus staff – one of the main core client groups of TIAA-CREF – have been doing the same.

As the divestment discussion intensifies in campuses across the country, it cannot go on without the voices of Palestinians themselves.

Jewish Voice for Peace is proud to bring Mira, Amer, and Hanna, three young Palestinian to share with us the challenges facing Palestinian students under Israeli military occupation, and their hopes and aspirations for a better future, where everyone’s human rights are respected.

We have heard from the youth of Egypt, the youth of Tunisia, and in other countries in the Middle East. Let’s hear the voices of the youth from Palestine.

This speaking tour is organized by Jewish Voice for Peace.

For a schedule go here or email divest at jewishvoiceforpeace.org (please write ‘student tour’ in the subject line.)


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