We have a month to ask for divestment!

We have one month to file shareholder resolutions with TIAA-CREF, asking them to divest from companies profiting from the Israeli occupation.

Time is short, and we need your help!

TIAA-CREF is now receiving shareholder proposals. We Divest has prepared a shareholder resolution calling upon TIAA-CREF to divest from Veolia and other companies that profit from human rights violations.

All filings must be in TIAA-CREF’s hands by February 8. The more people that file, the better! 

TIAA-CREF will mail the 2013 We Divest resolution to all of its U.S. CREF investors, who will then have the right to vote on the resolution either before or at the July 2013 annual meeting.

This will be the largest mailing and the largest vote on divestment from the Israeli occupation ever to have taken place in the United States!

This record will come on top of last year’s, when TIAA-CREF gave us the largest divestment victory in the US: dumping nearly 73 million dollars of Caterpillar stock from its Social Choice accounts. At the time, TIAA-CREF denied that this move was connected to Caterpillar’s shameful record of home demolitions and instead chose to argue that the sell-off was a response to Caterpillar’s downgrading by an indexing firm.(1)

But now, we want to bring the conversation fully and openly into the TIAA-CREF fold.

Thanks for your help!

Sydney Levy
On behalf of the WeDivest Campaign

(1) Decision to oust Caterpillar from influential ethical investing index linked to Israeli use of tractors. Haaretz, June 23, 2012

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